Rever partners with ActeCil to help companies face GDPR

In order to prepare the challenge of the General Data Protection Regulation, REVER and ACTECIL GROUPE launched a software solution to support companies that are juggling with personal data. The two specialists - Rever in information systems and ActeCil Group in compliance for personal data - are strengthening their links with this partnership.


Are you ready for data compliance ?

According to the "European report on data confidentiality" by Symantec,

« 92% of French organizations are concerned about their ability to be in compliance with EU's General Data Protection Regulation »

96% of the surveyed companies (in France, Germany and the UK) only have a partial understanding of the upcoming GDPR.

23% of these companies even claim that they will not at all be ready or only partially in compliance with the regulation by 2018.


Don't let data breaches keep you up at night

The situation so far... 

2014 has seen a serious rise in data breaches on a global (and international) scale. TargetSony Pictures, Home Depot, to name but a few, are major companies that were hit in the U.S. and earned the most press coverage about their recent protection debacle. In France, communications company Orange was also targeted by ill-intentioned hackers. Dozens and dozens of organizations worldwide were concerned by a data breach from the inside or from an external threat.


Why you should take data breaches more seriously

The most common data breaches that companies have to face are :

  • Stolen data / hacked (from inside or outside sources)
  • Administrative errors (human operator mistakes)
  • Mistakenly online exposition (insufficient protection or application vulnerabilities)
  • Visual hacking (workers accessing data from their mobile or personal devices)
  • Data loss (malwares, espionage)
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