• Unleash the power of reverse data engineering technology

    Identify and master
    up to 100% of your data

    On average 85% of business data is neither identified nor mastered. With Rever Data Engineers’ automated and intelligent reverse engineering technology, mapping and mastering all the information assets hidden in your “databerg” has never been easier.

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  • DataSemantics

    Automate and accelerate
    your data projects

    Identify and master all your information assets and speed up a variety of data projects: 80% shorter runtime, 60% cost reduction.

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    Leader in Data Project Acceleration

    In his first interview, Stéphane Goethals, CEO of Rever Data Engineers talks about the uniqueness of our reverse engineering technology and the ambitions of the company.

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    Objective, automated and intelligent data mapping technology

    • 100%

      Uncover and master
      up to 100% of your data

    • -80%

      Speed up data projects
      runtime by 80%

    • -60%

      Reduce data mapping
      costs by 60%

    Meet all the challenges of information governance

    • Data Mapping

      Automate and industrialise the identification off all of your data, regardless of their location or nature.

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    • Database Modelling

      Standardise data model engineering and reverse engineering and take back control of your information assets.

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    • Regulatory Compliance, Data Protection & GDPR

      Meet and exceed the challenges of personal data protection. Quickly deploy compliance whilst driving the global information governance of your enterprise.

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    • Legacy Modernisation

      Drastically speed up your modernisation, transformation and data migration projects.

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