What was new for DataBook in 2015 ?

At Rever, we are constantly working in order to improve our products. Always with two fundamentals in mind : customer satisfaction and innovation. As our software continue to evolve, we were able to offer several new initiatives in 2015.

Here's a recap of what happened last year for our data virtualization tool DataBook which we were very proud to present to the world in its newly improved version !

Version 1.2 [March 30, 2015] :

  • A few naming changes for improving ease of understanding
  • New prototype queries in the SQL query edition page
  • New search for links assistant in the "Customization" page (previously the "model" page)
  • New licensing system for improving options management

databook old look

DataBook's first look up until version 1.3 

Version 2.0 [October 12, 2015] :

  • A fresh new look more in line with 2015 look and feel
  • brand new hassle-free launcher, replacing the old-fashioned black windows
  • The search for links assistant is simplified for non-technicians
  • A brand new option : custom views for presenting data in a custom way without knowledge of SQL
  • DataBook does not depend any longer on third party tools that require separate installation under Linux (Graphviz)
  • Video tutorials are available to get you started with our software : click here to view

databook new look

DataBook's new and improved interface in 2015 (since 2.0)

Version 2.0.1 [October 30, 2015] :

  • It is now possible to keep using DataBook when the test license has expired, just by filling the registration form

In 2015 we were delighted to send our very first press release, we launched a LinkedIn Showcase page and a Facebook page for DataBook where you can get all the latest news and developments. We also made some nice little "how-to" video tutorials to help you start with our software and further discover the possibilities offered by DataBook. And we now have a webshop where you can buy all the new modules we create for our software. 

And to start 2016 with a bang, we just launched version 2.0.2 as of January 4th ! Have a look now and be convinced that this is a data product you absolutely need in order to start the digital transformation of your organization.

Think data browsing, data comparison, data preparation, data insight, data quality... in just one tool ! In two words : data virtualization.


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Muriel Adamski