As already mentioned in a previous post about enterprise data management,  

Information reveals data as the most valuable asset of an organization. It has the power to make your business unique.

Dominique Orban de Xivry

This text is taken from the White Paper Use of Rever’s solutions in order for enterprises to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, download available here.

Muriel Adamski based on a document by Dominique Orban de Xivry

There has never been a greater need for information management as now. While the principle is not new, two major changes have emerged to remind companies that digital transformation is indeed moving fast: moving information systems to the cloud on one side and the protection of personal data on the other side.

Muriel Adamski

What does the dictionary tell us about governance ?

  • Government; exercise of authority; control.
  • A method or system of government or management.

This definition applies equally to the governance of peoples, companies and computer data.

Dominique Orban de Xivry, Muriel Adamski

In order to prepare the challenge of the General Data Protection Regulation, REVER and ACTECIL GROUPE launched a software solution to support companies that are juggling with personal data.

Muriel Adamski

One of my colleagues recently told me of an experience that has probably already happened to you : the receipt of an invoice (and a credit note, to boot!) for the amount of € 0.00. It happened recently to me with an Internet service provider of whom I was no longer a customer... But let's get back to this famous invoice :

Muriel Adamski on an idea of Didier Roland