Database Modelling

Database modelling and architecture

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Simplify your database modelling tasks

Rever Data Engineers developed a robust modelling platform with our exclusive Automated and Intelligent Model Driven Engineering technology at its core and a unique approach of metadata management.

Our database modelling and architecture solution also covers engineering and reverse engineering of information systems.

This technology is additionally available in the form of Rever’s DB-Main software. This modelling tool helps developers and analysts in most of their daily database modelling and architecture tasks.

Discover DB-Main

A complete solution for information systems engineering

Rever Data Engineers’ modelling software DB-Main covers all database engineering processes while simplifying activities.

  1. Design processes

    Requirement analysis, conceptual design, normalization, schema integration, logical design, physical design, schema optimization, code generation.

  2. Transformations

    Schema transformation, model transformation, ETL.

  3. Reverse engineering and program understanding

    Schema analysis (COBOL, CODASYL, IMS, IDMS, SQL, XML…), code analysis, data and data flow reverse engineering.

  4. Maintenance, evolution and integration

    Database migration, database evolution, impact analysis, database integration and federation, data wrapper design and generation.

  5. And many other domains

    Temporal and active databases, data warehouse, XML engineering…

Discover DB-Main