If you want to recover through reverse engineering a MPD from a database established in Access with Rever DB-Main.

Solution : To recover a MPD Access in Rever DB-Main, here's how :

  • Start Rever DB-Main and create a new project (File/New project menu...).
  • Run the ODBC extractor (File/Extract/ODBC menu...).
  • Select the "Machine Data Source" tab. In the list, select "MS Access Database" and click OK.
  • Select your Access database. A dialog box asks for a schema name (which has no interest in the context of Access). Leave the field blank and click OK.
  • A new schema is created. Double-click it and you will see all the information retrieved by Rever DB-Main.

It may be that some recovered system tables are not necessary (as MSysAccess ...). Just select them and delete them.