DataSemantics Suite

Globality, productivity, compliance:
The software suite meeting all GDPR challenges

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Deploy GDPR compliance, drive global governance

Rever offers a complete GDPR software suite enabling you to meet the challenge of personal data identification, monitoring and protection.

The true challenge presented by GDPR lies in data identification. According to recent research, enterprises only master 15% of their data. This percentage is largely insufficient to respond to the requirements imposed by the European regulation.

The DataSemantics Suite allows you to take back control of all your organisation’s data, avoiding at the same time a tedious manual processing.

The software is based on automated and industrialised tools in order to identify and leverage your organisation’s data.

DataSemantics Suite enables you to :

  1. Identify and truly liberate all of your data

  2. Manage compliance at the legal, organizational and technical levels

  3. Drastically limit manual interventions and boost productivity

  4. Standardise your processes

  5. Maintain continuous compliance

  6. Accelerate your governance projects

  7. Create and maintain digital trust

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A complete software suite

DataSemantics Suite allows you to deploy GDPR-compliance on 3 distinct levels – legal, technical and organisational – and consequently supports all stakeholders in your organisation.

Several modules enable you to meet the following key points :

  • Processing register
  • Individual register (rights of individuals)
  • Data and technical processing inventory
  • Data anonymisation/pseudo-anonymisation
  • Content audit
  • « Privacy by (re)design »
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