A recap of the GDPR readiness seminar held in Brussels on 7 Feb. 2018.

An event co-hosted by Sari Depreeuw from legal firm Daldewolf and Rever’s own Stéphane Goethals and Jean-François Liénart, all made possible with the help of Icab Incubator’s Marnix Housen.

GDPR is coming…

The buzzword has drawn the curiosity of a great deal of people, coming from many different horizons – marketing managers, SME directors, IT profiles – and the event was split into 2 separate (but yet inseparable) visions of the regulation : the legal aspect and the available technical solutions.

Starting with the legal side of the story, Ms. Depreeuw presented a flawless map of the obligations and rights imposed by the European regulation, much detailed and mostly informative.

The essence of the slides that were presented can be outlined as follows : inside an organization, there are 3 types of profiles concerned with handling GDPR :

  • The controller : deals with the purposes and means of the personal data processing
  • The processor : naturally processes personal data on behalf of the controller
  • The joint controller : also called “subcontractor” or “third party”, has to answer to the same obligations as the controller

The controller will be mostly responsible for tasks as mapping, gap analysis and priorities & implementation of the rules and obligations of the organization. The processor will need to follow practices such as confidentiality obligation and security measures while following the controller’s instructions and keeping up-to-date documentation on the processing.

After this exhaustive presentation, the Rever team took the floor to address a more technical side of the topic. Stéphane first introduced the audience to the core vision of our reverse engineering company, including past successes and current achievements. It was then time to unveil the main star of the show : the first-ever complete GDPR software suite available on the market !

Jean-François took Stéphane’s place to enlighten (and delight) the captive audience by showing an exclusive demo version of our brand-new software DataSemantics Suite, using a real case scenario as example of the extent of the possibilities offered by our tool.

Somewhat too technical for some of the attendees, but just enticing enough for those faced with the huge work at hand to be compliant by 25 May of this year and afterwards.

The customary Q&A session followed with questions going from “Do we certify our clients on their compliance efforts, ISO-type?” (answer is no, we’re purely a tech player) to “Should we hire a DPO?” (historically an insider job – firms appointing an IT or managing employee to fill that position – but more and more, with GDPR in mind, the role is mutualized – rent-a-DPO style).

Icab’s director Marnix Housen questioned us about Excel and its continuing use in regards with the creation of a register of personal data processing. Stéphane confirmed that it was OK for small companies to still use Excel sheets to keep track of their data, but for bigger companies with countless databases and many different departments depending on the data, it was just not doable. Data is in constant movement and must be up-to-date at all times. Only a full software suite can help big organizations with the huge task ahead – that is if they do mean to respect the EU regulation and not risk penalties and reputational loss.

Stéphane insisted on the fact that digital trust is the real goal of the GDPR : clients will quickly recognize the companies that will play the game and respect their rights as individuals, and personal data protection will invariably slow down data breach threats and other internal security questions.

Followed by an informal networking event, this Icab seminar co-hosted by Rever will surely be followed by a long list of events where our talented team will continue presenting the DataSemantics Suite.