Rever’s Technical Director Loup Meurice is joining us for a special session about our development team.

Hi Loup, you studied at the University of Namur as some of your colleagues from the technical department did. How did you get to work for Rever ?

It was a natural career step for me to start working for Rever. I spent 4 years at the University of Namur researching my PhD thesis on different domains such as database reverse engineering, application analysis and the communication between applications and databases. In order to facilitate my research, I was brought to develop software tools allowing me to automate database and application reverse engineering as well as to visualise the communication between them.

Most issues addressed by Rever (migration, modernisation, GDPR compliance, etc.) all have the same base: automated and intelligent reverse engineering of databases and applications, and I extensively studied these topics during my PhD thesis. This is why it felt so natural for me to join Rever when I completed my thesis, it allowed me to confront my academic perspective and research with the market needs.

You’re also the product manager of DataSemantics Suite. Was it a new experience for you? Had you taken part in the development of an all-new software before ?

Yes and no. Let’s say that I was already familiar with the development of a software from scratch, as mentioned before. I had already be led tot design software from A to Z before: from formulating the specifications to the programming itself. What was new to me, however, was the management of a team of developers in order to deliver the different versions of the tool on time, which we managed to accomplish so far.

How would you describe this software ? Why is it groundbreaking on the GDPR market, for instance ?

In my opinion this is indeed a revolutionary solution on the GDPR market since the core of DataSemantics Suite is the automation and intelligence of the personal or sensitive data mapping and identification processes, and I think this is what makes this solution totally unique. DataSemantics Suite allows the user to manage compliance on several levels (legal, organisational and technical). Furthermore, our solution drastically reduces manual work and accelerates the implementation of compliance processes.

What is the tool’s next evolution ? What’s the « magic formula » ? (no spoilers)

It’s rather a secret sauce than a formula… All the ingredients of the recipe must be precisely measured to deliver the exceptional flavour we are looking for.

The next version of DataSemantics Suite will include new features based on our users’ feedback. The key to success of our solution is the fact that we permanently stay in touch with the market and with our clients in order to deliver the most adequate product for them. The interface and the ergonomics are considered in this way too.

We will very soon be able to allow the user to comply with other regulations and in other domains. For instance, the Basel III accords in the finance world, etc.

And we’ll continue to prospect with technological partners, in order to integrate pre-existing functionalities in our tool and deliver the best solutions addressing the specific needs of our clients.

Will this secret sauce also spice up the other products of Rever ?

Yes it will! The success of DataSemantics is a driver for other development projects. We are actually redesigning our migration, modelisation and mapping tools, making them even more automated and intelligent (or A.I. as we like to put it).

Rever is growing fast thanks to the commercial success of DataSemantics Suite. How does this impact your team’s organisation ?

It is obviously motivating for everyone. We first perfected our development method to ensure meeting the deadlines and to empower our team members to fully unlock their potential and know-how. Knowledge transfer and permanent documentation are key to our development projects.

We follow the “software factory” approach based on continuous development. And as every developer knows it, the testing phase is fundamental.

By improving our methods, we are ready to expand our developers and technical support team with new talent. And that’s just the beginning of Rever’s bright future…

We won’t keep you away from your computer screen any longer, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. You really made us curious for the next evolution of Rever’s technological tools !