Legacy Modernisation

Modernisation, transformation and database migration

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Drastically simplify and accelerate your legacy modernisation

Rever Data Engineers’ technology enables you to transform, modernise and migrate your databases and their data. Move your information from legacy to new environments while increasing the agility of the information in your applications.

We offer a complete solution through using reverse engineering automation that will massively simplify and speed-up your modernisation and migration projects. Take advantage of all the benefits of a unique technology and methodology :

  • Reduced risks by intelligent automation of the migration process
  • Control and validation automation of the conversion results
  • « Native » target database separate from the source database
  • Program re-writes are reduced to a minimum
  • Flawless operation of the current and future programs is guaranteed
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Simplify all the steps of your database migration projects

  1. (1) Reverse engineering

    Automated metadata extraction and fine-tuning of the model to create a complete model of the source database.

  2. (2) Model transformation

    Conversion of the source structure towards the target structure.

  3. (3) Migration

    Creation of the target database and data migration: programming, execution and validation.

  4. (4) Program adaptation

    Automatic “Wrapper” generation allowing the programs to use the modernised database while reducing software re-writes, which creates a scalable and durable solution.

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