Will this Christmas be Santa’s last delivery in Europe ?

In order to be able to deliver his gifts to little children every year, Santa Claus must know their names and home addresses. He must keep a personal data register. He probably also stores information such as the children’s preferences…

To be able to make his delivery after May 25, 2018 Santa has to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Will Santa be ready in time for next Christmas ?

In other words :

  • Will he have a record of all the processing activities of the children’s addresses and preferences ?
  • Will he have protected this record sufficiently so it cannot be misused ?
  • Have the children, or rather their legal representatives, all given their consent to the storage and processing of their data ?
  • Is the data that Santa is allowed to share, according to the reported processing activities and to the received consents, completely free of undeclared information ?
  • Can he provide each child or their legal representative with the details regarding the personal information he holds ?
  • Does a child who is not happy with the toys he or she received have a right to be forgotten and not receive other toys in the coming years ? (highly unlikely to happen, but must be addressed)
  • Does Santa have a point of contact for each child, or their legal representative, to assert their rights ?

If Father Christmas has not done all that is necessary before next Christmas, he just might not be allowed to go out and deliver toys in Europe anymore… On top of that, Santa might incur serious bad press and reputational loss if he gets fined for non-compliance.

Just like any other discerning organization, Santa Claus is sure to comply with the GDPR in order to ensure he retains the trust of his clients. That’s why Santa has chosen Rever’s DataSemantics Suite to assist him in achieving GDPR compliance quickly. All the well behaved children in Europe can rest assured that Rever’s team is working diligently to make sure that they get a present under the tree on December 25, 2018.  We guarantee it !