My first Java plug-in for Rever DB-Main


This post will explain how to develop a Java program executable from Rever DB-Main. This module will access the Rever DB-Main repository and generate a dictionary (in CSV format), which contains information about all properties of objects in a schema.

To do this, you need to install Eclipse with Java 1.8 and Rever DB-Main on your computer.


IMS to SQL migration : Principles (part 1 of 4)

First post in a four-part series.

The IMS to SQL migration is broken down into two phases :

  • the first phase is the creation of the new database (OracleDB2...) that offers the advantages of the SQL language and the migration of the data.
  • the second phase is the transformation of the application programs in order for them to use the new database, without changing the functionalities. 

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