Recent research suggests that 85% of business data is neither identified nor mastered. Consequently, enterprises only leverage 15% of the available information. What a waste…

Taking back control of your information assets is vital! Rever’s automated & intelligent data solutions empower you to leverage the totality of your data. It offers unparalleled smart information governance capabilities offering you increased operational agility, drastically reduced risks and costs and a guaranteed return on investment.

  • Productivity

    Drastically reduce manual processing by automating, standardising and industrialising your data governance.

  • Efficiency

    Save time and money by deploying a unified solution for your technical, legal and operational teams.

  • Exhaustivity

    Identify, manage and leverage the totality of your data using our unparalleled in-depth research capabilities.

  • Data Mapping

    Automate and industrialise the identification off all of your data, regardless of their location or nature.

  • Database Modelling

    Standardise data model engineering and reverse engineering and take back control of your information assets.

  • Regulatory Compliance, Data Protection & GDPR

    Meet and exceed the challenges of personal data protection. Quickly deploy compliance whilst driving the global information governance of your enterprise.

  • Legacy Modernisation

    Drastically speed up your modernisation, transformation and data migration projects.